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Submersible Pump Supplier from India
Well Point Dewatering Pumps
We manufacture a wide assortment of well point dewatering systems that are used to remove excess of water from saturated soil mass which is called for to make working easier in wet conditions and possible below natural water level. The entire range is designed using qualitative raw material sourced from reliable vendors.
Well point most effective way of well point Dewatering for many types of civil works such as :
  • Excavations for basements and foundations of Buildings
  • Foundations of DAMS, Bridges, Power houses & Underground tanks
  • Laying of deep sewer lines
  • Excavations and lining works for canals and channels etc
  • Tunnel work
  • Sub-ways (Tube Railway etc.)
  • Reclamation of land
  • Water supply
  • Reclamation of chemicals


  • Before starting the construction work well point system helps in dewatering the construction, allowing unimpeded excavation, which reduces down time of the work force and invaluable time is saved.
  • Hydrostatic pressure from the bottoms of excavations is reduced, preventing them from heaving. It also protects sloughing or failure of slopes.
  • To support the sides of excavations Amount of sheeting required
  • No fear of "cave ins" as the fine soil particles are not removed from the surrounding area. It kept he soil stabilized.

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