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Submersible Pump Supplier from India
Hand/Foot Pump

India Mark-II Handpump: It is divided into four main assemblies:

  • Head Assembly: Pump Head Assembly (above ground mechanism) consists of Head with Inspection cover, Third plate, Handle, Water chamber and Stand.

  • Cylinder Assembly:Cast Iron Body painted outside and lined from inside with seamless Brass liner of 63.5mm I.D., Gun-metal valve components and Nitrile rubber components. Discharge capacity is 15 ltrs @ 40 strokes per min.

  • Connecting Rod: 12 mm dia mild steel electrogalvanized, in three metre lengths with hexagonal coupling at both the ends.

  • Riser Pipe (Drop Pipe): 32 mm N.B., G.I. medium pipe in three metres length with a socket at one end.
  • Installation: Simple Installation. When installed properly it gives very long uninterrupted service. For step by step installation procedure and other details, please refer to our Installation and Maintenance Manual.

Hand pump Supplier from India

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