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Submersible Pump Supplier from India
Barrel Pumps Manual
Our company is known in the industry for supplying barrel pumps which have seal design and are self priming type. These are light in weight and are portable having all components interchangeable. Their modular design construction saves considerable time, labor and spillage. Their high standards of quality and safety assures reliable performance for handling aggressive, corrosive and flammable liquids. Our sleek barrel pumps with their versatile help to provide a complete solution to one's fluid barrel needs.
Sizes Available:
  • 1150 m.m. for standard 200/250 Ltrs. Barrels & shallow containers
  • 750 m.m. for Carboy & Jerry can application

Operating Data:

Capacity: Up to 110 LPM at open Discharge
Head: Up to 21 meters


  • Up to 120 C for SS-316
  • Up to 80 C for PP
  • Up to 240 C for PTFE

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