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Submersible Pump Supplier from India
Chemical Process Pumps
We manufacture and supply optimum quality pumps that are widely used in chemical processing. Our horizontal chemical process pumps (CPX series/ 50PP) are ideal for transferring and loading/ unloading of acid and alkali in chemical industries.
  • Low head (up to15) medium capacity pump
  • Capacity Range: 02 - 55 m3/hr
  • Motor capacity: 1440 rpm
  • Head Range: 0 - 45m
  • With 2900RPM
  • Capacity : 02-55m3/hr

Our Products

Submersible Pumps

Bore Well Submersible

Open Well Submersible

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Electric Centrifugal Monoblock

Centrifugal Water Pumps

Diesel Pump Sets

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Hand/Foot Pump

Pressure Pumps

Pressure Pump

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Well Point Dewatering Pump

Vacum Dewatering pump for Concrete

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Concrete Mixer Pump

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Barel Pump Manual

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Gear Hydraulic Pump

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